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Waterproofing for Patterns

Daliah Okoro
February 23, 2018

Whether you have a wooden deck or a concrete deck, the importance of waterproofing your deck or outdoor space cannot be understated. Even if you routinely clean your deck by sweeping or mopping it, that alone will not keep your deck safe from water damage or even structural damage down the line. Waterproofing is the best way to keep your deck safe as it protects it from water damage such as dry rot or mold. On a concrete deck or outdoor space, waterproofing helps to add extra protection to your deck and helps prevent cracks, leaks, and structural damage. In addition to adding protection though, waterproofing can also have another benefit for your deck. Read on to learn more.   When you waterproof a concrete deck, you have more options than you might think. When it comes to waterproofing, you have many option when it comes to creating your own unique style for your home. With advanced technologies, different tints and colors can be added to the concrete waterproofing systems, which means your deck no longer has to be a boring, dull gray. Now, your concrete deck can come in various colors such as tints of blues, oranges, reds, silvers and more. In addition, the surface of your deck can also be stamped using various stencils to add texture or a style to your deck. Your deck can be made to look as if it was made from stones, travertine, brick and other popular materials. The benefit is that you can get the look and feel of expensive stone materials all with the ease and cost of using concrete.   If you are considering getting your deck waterproofed, or need to waterproof your deck, you should also consider adding a pattern to the deck. When you add various patterns and colors to your deck, it’s a perfect way to add some personality and individuality to your outdoor space.