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Why Vehicular Traffic Coating Matters

Jenn Tolson
February 24, 2017

If you are a homeowner with an outdoor deck, driveway or garage, you might know that maintenance is required to keep these high traffic areas looking like new. Without maintenance, these surfaces can fall into disarray. Outdoor decks, walkways, garage floors and driveways are all areas that receive heavy track. Garages and driveways especially see a lot of vehicular traffic and are constantly faced with holding up against heavy weight. This is where the importance of adding coatings or membranes comes in. These coatings can offer excellent support from heavy foot traffic as well as vehicular traffic. Here are some reasons why these coatings matter.

When you add a traffic coating to your outdoor surface, you can be sure that the surface of your garage or driveway will be protected. These coatings are especially protective of concrete surfaces. This is because in high traffic areas, concrete can inevitably crack and crumble, causing structural damage as well as being unpleasant to the eye. These traffic coatings also help protect against moisture penetration. After heavy rains or normal water levels, the water can enter through small cracks and eventually lead to larger cracks. As these cracks grow, it can cause structural damage. In addition, repaving surfaces to remove cracks can be costly. Adding a traffic coating beforehand can help to save money in the long run. Traffic coatings not only make the surface of the ground stronger and less likely to crack under pressure, it also keeps the surface water proof, making it less likely for water to penetrate the surface.

If you are considering adding traffic coating to a surface in your home, there are some steps to take into consideration first. This includes first cleaning the surface of the area to make sure that the added coating will go on smoothly and correctly. The best way to make sure the coating adheres to the surface is by making sure the surface is clean. This can be done through power washing, sandblasting, or cleaning with various chemicals and washes.

If you are interested in adding a vehicular traffic coating, please contact us today.