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The Importance of Vehicular Traffic Deck Coatings

Daliah Okoro
April 6, 2016

No matter what kind of deck you have, there are always coatings and finishes that you can add to enhance the strength of your deck. Coats not only keep your deck looking new, but they also can add to the life of your deck. While every deck needs something different, if you have a deck, parking deck, loading dock or something similar that sees a lot of traffic, you may be in need of vehicular traffic coatings

Traffic coating is an essential part of maintaining any deck that sees a lot of traffic. When applied, these coatings add durability to the surface so that it can withstand even the heaviest trucks. Traffic coatings are necessary because these surfaces come into contact with many corrosive elements as well being impacted by harsh environments such as extreme weather. Eventually, the constant stressors eventually cause cracks to appear which may damage the integrity of the deck. At the heart of the problem is moisture that gets trapped in these cracks. The moisture causes expansion and thus, further cracking, which leads to a cycle that leads to continuous damage. 

One way to prevent this cycle is through traffic membranes. These membranes are strategically designed to reinforce these surfaces. They should also be hard and durable to protect the surface from any extensive weight or traffic that the deck sees. Finally, these membranes should also be waterproof. As discussed, water and moisture is among the leading stressors on a deck’s integrity. When membranes are waterproof, it eliminates the risk of getting any water damage that may cause serious deterioration down the road. In addition, the great thing about traffic membranes is that these coats also come in different textures and colors. This means that if you are looking for a certain design or look, you will be able to find whatever you are looking for. 

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