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Your Guide to Concrete Surfaces in the Home

Rosie Valdez
November 25, 2015

For some, it may be surprising that concrete can be used for a number of different reasons. There are many types of concrete surfaces throughout the home. Often, homeowners only see concrete as the material that their driveway or outdoor deck is made of. While concrete can be great for this, there are also a number of other uses for it. For example, concrete can also be used indoors as a floor for basements, garage floors, and even in the living room. 

There are many benefits to using concrete. For one thing, concrete is very affordable, which makes it a great option if you are working within a budget. Concrete is also extremely durable and resistant to stains and scratches. It can also withstand a lot of weight so placing cars or heavy pieces of furniture will not easily crack the ground, especially if it is treated. In the living room, concrete is also a great option because there are so many things you can do with a concrete floor. With special finishers, you can add gloss and various color schemes to the concrete. In the end, the floor can look as if it were made from tile, stone, or other expensive flooring. 

If you wish to use concrete in your garage, a good idea is to add a coat of epoxy onto the floor. A coating of epoxy on your concrete floor will make it even more durable than usual. This is an important quality to have to your garage floor, especially if you store many cars or other heavy objects in your garage. The coating also makes maintenance extremely easy. You won’t have to worry about stains from oils or scratches from falling objects. While concrete is a great option for outdoor decks and driveways, it is also a good material for indoor flooring from your basement to the living room. Consider concrete if you are looking to do any construction in your home in the near future and then contact a concrete coater for a quote!