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What You Need To Know About Deck Coating

Jenn Tolson
February 13, 2017

Deck coatings are an important part of deck maintenance. Putting a little extra work right now means you can save money and time in the long run. Adding a waterproof deck coating means that the deck will be prevented from warping or forming dry rot. This will save you costly repairs in the future. Here are some reasons why you should add a sealant or coating to your deck.

When you add a deck coating or sealant to your outdoor deck, it bonds directly to the surface of the deck. This means that the deck becomes waterproofed with a sealant. Waterproofing your deck routinely means that you can protect your deck from future harm. A sealant not only protects the deck from heavy rains and water damage, it also protects from UV rays and the elements. When your deck is not protected from UV rays it means that the color of the wood can fade and even splinter. When the wood splinters or warps it can weaken the structural integrity of the deck.

Another benefit to coating your deck is that it protects the deck from wear and tear as well as everyday traffic. Part of the joy of a deck is that you get to spend the days outside relaxing with friends and family. However, this means that it is prone to spills or scuffs. Without a sealer or deck coating, these minor spills can turn into unsightly stains on the deck. These stains may even require you to remove the piece of wood from the deck and replace it with a new panel of wood. This will also save your money in the future since replacing the wood can be expensive. These are just some of the reasons that you should add a sealant or coating to your deck. Deck coatings will make the surface of your deck waterproofed, stronger, and less prone to stains, warps or dry rot. If you have an older deck, here are some options for you http://www.paint.org/article/new-options-older-decks/