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Why Waterproofing Patterns are Better than Outdoor Tile

Pembrook Nelson
January 12, 2018

When it comes to your deck, it’s more than just a space outdoors where you can spend some time. Your deck can make a statement and there are innumerable ways that you can decorate it. Whether you like something modern or more classic, decorating your deck adds the finishing touches to really making the space yours. One of the best ways to customize your deck and by making it what you’ve always dreamed it would be is through the flooring. This article will explore two popular flooring options: outdoor tiles and waterproof coatings.  Outdoor tiles such as granite or travertine are popular options as they are versatile and come in a wide variety of styles and colors. However, there are also downsides to using outdoor tiles as well. For example, tiles are notoriously hard surfaces and when something heavy falls on it, not only is it possible that the item will break but cracks may also appear on your tile. Cracks to tiles, especially large cracks, are almost always unmendable. Instead, the whole piece of tile needs to be removed and then replaced, which can be a costly ordeal. Additionally, tiles can be expensive in and of themselves. While ceramic tiles are on the cheaper end, while granite, marble and travertine are more expensive.  Another option for your outdoor deck is cement that has been waterproofed. While this may be surprising, this has been an option growing in popularity. Cement is relatively inexpensive and easy to work with. When wet cement is laid out, different stamps can be implemented onto the surface so that when the cement drys, it will actually look like various materials such as stone or brick. Additionally, a colored waterproofing coating will be added to the surface which adds the finishing touches. There are a wide variety of colors that can be added to your cement such as blues and greens to reds, oranges, and beiges. You can also add extra features to your coating such as slip resistance and coatings that will add extra durability. Since you’re working with cement, it will also be affordable and will likely not break the budget, which is an added bonus!