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Why You Should Choose Desert Crete Products For Your Decks

Pembrook Nelson
October 19, 2015

If you are looking to update or add a brand new deck to your home, than you should look no further than using Desert Crete products. Desert Crete products have been around for over 28 years and are part of a company that you can rely on. These products are manufactured by the Hill Brothers Chemical Company, which has been around since 1923 meaning they have had years to perfect their product. In fact, the Hill Brothers Chemical Company even provides a five year warranty on all products, which means you can be confident that if anything happens to arise, you will be protected. 

Another reason to consider using Desert Crete products when remodeling your deck is because all of their systems are made from a fire retardant chemical. This means that they have a one hour fire rating, which will keep your home and loved ones safe. Products have also been through a number of testings in a controlled lab from freeze tests, abrasion tests, heat tests, impact tests and more. In addition, not just any contractor can install Desert Crete systems. Any contractor using Desert Crete products are trained and certified by the Hills Brothers Chemical Company in order to ensure the quality of Desert Crete products. This means that that you can be guaranteed that your deck or balcony will be properly and safely installed. 

Some of their products include Desert Flex - a cost effective option for waterproofing your deck system. Are you looking to protect your balcony or walkway from heavy foot traffic? Want to waterproof your swimming pool deck? Look no further than the Desert Flex. Desert Crete for Plywood Subfloors is the perfect product for you deck. The wood is fire resistant for up to one hour and it is compliant with all new building codes. For more information on these products, visit desertbrand.com.