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Waterproofing Your Deck Against the Rain This Winter

Rosie Valdez
November 23, 2016

Many homeowners can agree, protecting the integrity of your concrete deck is extremely important. Therefore, much effort should go into making sure that your deck is taken care of. When decks are not waterproofed, much damage can occur, which can eventually lead to expensive repairs that no one wants to have to worry about. In order to avoid all of these problems it is best to get your deck waterproofed from the get go. Deck waterproofing during winter is a must. This winter, make sure you get your deck waterproofed to protect it against the elements. 

The winter is often the time of heavy rains and in some places, even snow. With the increase of rain, it is important to make sure your deck is prepared for the elements. Sometimes people think that just because their deck is not made of wood they do not have to worry about water damage. This however is not the case. While it is true that cement is less susceptible to water damage, it is still at risk. When there are cracks on the surface of the deck, water can get between the cracks and cause damage. During the dip of temperature during the winter season, it can cause moisture in between cracks to freeze. When this happens, the water expands which can cause the cracks to become larger. Cracks can become larger over time and if there are enough, it can cause structural damage to the foundation of your deck. This is because sometimes, the water has nowhere to go except below the pool deck where it begins to soften the soil that the deck has been built on. When pressure is applied to these soft spots, it causes crack on the surface of the deck. Fixing these damages can become very expensive. Therefore, it is best to take preventative measures. The best way to do this is by waterproofing your deck for any season.