Our Guarantee

Our Best Price Guarantee Policy

With our “Best Price Guarantee” policy we not only match our competitor’s offer but we will give our customers an additional 2% discount on WC Deck systems. If you come across another contractor that may offer lower prices for systems , we will price match the item and charge you less than what our competitor offers.

To qualify for our Best Price Guarantee policy the following conditions must be met:

  • Provide a copy of the competitor’s quote. (When provided, our experts will then review the quantity of the materials that will be installed given the installation cost per square foot)

  • If the quantities match within a 2% range, we will give you an additional 2% discount for the bid

  • In addition to our price match guarantee, we will discount our price by 5% in the event that our price is the same as our competitors

*Excluded from this Best Price Guarantee are menu items and add-on’s such as plywood replacement, flashing installation, sloping and drains/scuppers.

For additional information regarding our Best Price Guarantee Policy, request a call today and we will be glad to help you with all your waterproofing and deck maintenance needs.

Competing Product Guarantee:

Through our competing product guarantee, we ensure that our customers pay lower rates compared to other deck waterproofing companies that utilize and install similar products from WC Deck Systems.

Current qualifying competing products to Desert Crete** (metal lath system) are:

  • Life Deck AL System with Seal Guard over all plywood surfaces

  • Excellent Coatings Excel Coat Fire System*

  • Mer-Kote Shur Deck*

  • Dex O Tex

  • Pli-Dek ICBO #3732 System*

  • Enduro-Kote w/Fiberglass*

  • AVM Industries Elasto-Fiber Deck System 100*

  • Desert Brand

*Life Deck, Excellent Coatings, Mer-Kote, Pli-Dek, Enduro-Kote & AVM

** All systems meet ICC 2003 International Building Code Standards

Note: A product such as Tufflex, which is not an approved ICBO One Hour Fire Rated Decking system, does not qualify for this program.

Current qualifying competing products to fiberglass systems are:

  • Life Deck FM System

  • Excellent Coatings Excel Coat pedestrian System

  • Pli-Dek Con-Dek System

  • Pli-Dek Con-Dek System

  • AVM Industries System 200

  • Desert Brand