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Deck Installers Need to Be Licensed

September 17, 2021
Contractor Licensing Why Does It Matter? - Man working on flooring
Contractors must be licensed in the state they operate in. It makes no sense to turn serious professional work over to someone who is unlicensed, and/or uninsured.
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Average Pool Renovation Cost

September 3, 2021
How Much is a Pool Renovation? - Residential Pool
Although it can be an expensive endeavor, the pool renovation cost is worth it if swimming is part of your regular lifestyle. Here's a look at the costs involved.
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Best Pool Remodeling Warranty

August 20, 2021
Best Pool Remodeling Warranty - Residential Pool
The best pool remodeling warranty is knowledge itself. When it comes to a manufacturer's warranty, you should look for one that is as long as possible.
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Protect Your Deck From the Weather

August 6, 2021
Protecting Your Deck from The Weather - Floor with water drops
The best way to protect your deck from the weather is to do regular inspections and make repairs as needed. Here's a checklist to get you started.
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The Ultimate Pool Party Checklist

July 16, 2021
Ultimate Pool Party Checklist - Group of friends hanging out in the pool
If you're going to throw a pool party this summer, you need a plan. Our ultimate pool party checklist will get you started so you can throw the perfect party!
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Top Ways to Throw a Deck BBQ Party

July 2, 2021
How to Throw a Deck BBQ Party - BBQ in the back patio
If you're looking for some fun ways to entertain friends and family in your backyard, these tips will help you plan an amazing deck BBQ party everyone will remember!
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Pool Deck Waterproofing Tips

June 18, 2021
Pool Deck Waterproofing - House Pool
If your pool deck has any leaks, it's crucial to get them fixed right away so they don't lead to bigger problems. These pool deck and waterproofing tips will help.
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When to Waterproof Your Deck?

June 4, 2021
Waterproof Your Deck - How and When - Hand painting waterproof paint in concrete
Since outdoor decks come in direct contact with the environment, it's important to protect them. Here are five important tips on when to waterproof your deck.
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