Deck Repair Services in Orange County, CA

Services Overview

We know the job doesn’t stop there. We apply decorative finishes to concrete flooring with acid staining, stamping or faux tile finishes that not only beautifies the area but makes it easier to clean and maintain. We have built a water-tight reputation for quality work, responsiveness and competitive pricing. We know that our abilities and expertise can meet your waterproofing needs.

While our specialty is deck waterproofing in Orange County CA, we service a wide range of customers including Homeowners, Homeowner’s Associations (HOAs), Apartment Complexes, Hotels and Commercial Businesses.

We can apply waterproof deck coating in Newport Beach, CA, or anywhere in Orange County or Los Angeles County. Our services include; new deck coatings, rehabilitating old decks, applying epoxy garage floor coatings, waterproofing and coating swimming pool decks, shower stalls, below-grade walls, planters and waterfalls at any location in Orange County and Los Angeles County.

If quality, pride of workmanship and attention to detail are as important to you as it is to us, call West Coast Deck Waterproofing. We proudly use top rated high quality products that are used for our projects.

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We offer a wide variety of services that include waterproof deck coating in Newport Beach, CA, and surrounding areas. Whether your property is a single family home, apartment complex, HOA, or commercial establishment, we can handles just about any size project, big or small.

The quality of our deck repair services in Orange County, CA, is second to none, and it is backed by 30+ years in business and our Best Price Guarantee. So, if you need any type of deck waterproofing in Orange County CA, give a call or Request a Quote and we will get back to you right away.

Our Specialty Services

Deck Waterproofing

deck waterproofing

When we say "waterproofing" we mean the resin and fiberglass we install in the assembly and the sheet metal we install at transitions to provide a positive seal. If your deck is over living space it is imperative a properly installed system is installed with all the attention to detail we can provide. You can be confident we will stand behind our waterproof guarantee

Below Grade Waterproofing

below grade waterproofing

“Below grade", can be as much as 15 feet down or as little as 18" depending on the slope of your property and where the house or garage is situated. We apply the newest and most proven materials and systems to assure you your house will not have leaks coming from the walls.

Planter Waterproofing

planter waterproofing

Masonry (brick or block and stucco) planters must have proper drainage systems and completely waterproof walls and floors to keep from water staining, peeling or leaking causing ugly stains damaged stucco.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

epoxy floor coatings

Popular with garage flooring, Epoxy coating will not only protect your concrete but make oil spills much easier to clean up. Glossy epoxy floors are common in food plants, labs, auto service bays and many other locations. Garage floors in residential properties are often coated with epoxy to improve appearance, resist oil and grease stains. Be very careful to engage a professional in epoxy coatings as many big box home improvement stores sell cheap floor products which are not suitable for hot auto tires (when you come home) and may discolor, wear through or peel.

Deck Coatings

commercial deck coatings

Along with waterproofing, proper deck coatings will protect them for years to come. Harmful UV Rays and high temperatures can lead to dry rot and structural weakness. For complete deck coating and deck repair services in Orange County, CA, request a quote today!

Decorative Finishes

Decorative Finishes

Using acrylic polymers our finishes will add decorative look to plain surfaces and flooring system. These finishes not only provide a great look and a protective finish but can also increase property value and curb appeal.

Concrete Coatings

concrete finish

Plain Concrete slabs are dull, but they don’t have to stay that way. A concrete coating will not only protect the slab, but can also be used to match the decor of any room.

Magnesite Repair

Magnesite Repair

Older homes may still have Magnesite floor, and since this is no longer the standard, finding a qualified deck waterproofing company to maintain this specific material can be difficult.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

deck resurfacing

Keep your feet from burning on a hot pool deck this summer with a heat reflective pool deck coating. These coatings can match the aesthetic design of any backyard.

Garage Floor Epoxy

Garage Floor Epoxy

Maintaining your driveways and parking spaces can be a difficult task with all the dirt and oil that comes with driving. A protective coating on these spaces will make cleanup easy and save the need for costly resurfacing.