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Rosie Valdez

Rosie Valdez

Guide to Concrete Surfaces

November 25, 2015
For some, it may be surprising that concrete can be used for a number of different reasons. There are many types of concrete surfaces throughout the home.
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Waterproofing Saves Time and Money

February 16, 2018
When it comes to deck protection, one of the best things that you can do for your deck is to get it waterproofed. Every deck needs regular maintenance.
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Why Magnesite Floors Are Not Safe

January 11, 2017
If your home was built in the 1920s-1940s, it is likely that your home has magnesite flooring. Magnesite flooring consists of Magnesium Oxychloride.
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Check Before Repairing Your Deck

August 10, 2016
For any homeowner that is also the proud owner of an outdoor deck, it is important to perform standard maintenance in order to keep the deck in good condition.
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Waterproofing Your Deck Against Rain

November 23, 2016
Many homeowners can agree, protecting the integrity of your concrete deck is extremely important. Therefore, much effort should go into maintenance.
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Your Garage With Epoxy Coatings

March 30, 2016
For many homeowners, the garage is a versatile space that is used for many reasons. From being used for storage to a workshop location, a garage can wear off a lot..
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Waterproofing Can Teach Your Family

September 28, 2018
When it comes to protecting your family, you might not think that waterproofing is a means to protecting your family and your home. There are many added benefits.
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The Secret to Fixing an Old Deck

February 10, 2016
Having an outdoor deck is considered by many one of the joys of being a homeowner. Decks can be a great place to socialize and enjoy good weather.
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Tile Shower Waterproofing

September 25, 2014
Do you think only decks need to be waterproofed? Well, if you are thinking about adding tile to your shower, be sure to consider waterproofing.
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The Subfloor And Underlayment

June 15, 2015
If you are getting your floors redone or thinking about doing some remodeling, there are some things you need to know about the flooring process.
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Best Reasons To Waterproof Concrete

June 15, 2018
When it comes to proper deck maintenance, if you aren’t getting your deck waterproofed, you aren’t properly caring for your deck. If you don’t have a wooden deck...
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Benefits of Waterproofing your Deck

April 30, 2015
With summer right around the corner, there is no doubt that you are ready to get the most out of your pool and deck during the warm weather.
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Benefits of Applying Deck Coatings

March 2, 2016
There are a myriad of reasons why you should add a deck coating to your outdoor deck. Not only can it make it safer, coatings can also protect the wood.
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Rooftop Decks - Ready for Summer

March 23, 2018
One of the best things about summer is spending time outdoors with family and friends. The days are longer and the nights are warm and it all makes for a perfect...
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Water Proofing Your Concrete

January 12, 2015
While having a concrete deck is an affordable and strong choice for many homeowners, it is also extremely vital that you look into waterproofing concrete decks.
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Prepping Your Floors For Epoxy

November 30, 2016
There are many reasons to add an epoxy coating to your floors. For example, epoxy coating adds strength to the surface of your floor, helps to prevent cracks.
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Maintain Stained Concrete Floors

October 5, 2015
There are many benefits to using stained concrete. It is high quality, easily affordable, and does not need a lot of maintenance. Keep reading to learn more!
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Summer Lights for Outdoor Decks

May 15, 2020
Beautiful decks have clean lines, beautiful wood, and gorgeous lighting. These features make it easy and effortless to enjoy your deck as a new place.
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Keep Your Pool Deck Spotless

September 4, 2015
Now with the summer months nearly at an end, your pool and pool deck may no longer be getting the same amount of attention as it previously was.
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Floors With Concrete Staining

March 20, 2015
You may be surprised to hear this, but more and more homeowners have been switching to concrete floors – inside their homes. There are some benefits of concrete.
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How to Maintain Epoxy Floors

August 28, 2015
There are many benefits to epoxy flooring. Despite its relatively low cost, it is highly durable, resistant to stains, easy to clean, and professional looking.
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Contractor for Concrete Floors

December 24, 2015
When it comes to home improvement, you are going to want to be sure that you do your research before committing to anything. Hiring a contractor is the best choice.
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Leaks Can Be Detrimental to You

November 9, 2016
Homeowners know that deck leaks is one of the worst things that can happen to your deck. One of the main reasons for this is that when there are leaks, is dangerous.
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How Patterns Can Transform Your Deck

December 14, 2018
Regardless of whether you have a wooden or concrete deck, there are so many different deck floor design patterns that you’ll be able to find something that...
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Waterproofing Your Deck is Essential

January 25, 2019
With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you’ll want to make sure that your deck weather-proofing is up to date so you can use it for a romantic opportunity.
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Getting Your Deck Ready For Summer

May 4, 2016
As the months begin to warm up, it can only mean one thing, it is nearly time for summer. And all deck owner’s know what that means. It’s a time of high traffic.
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Decorate Your Deck for the Holidays

November 9, 2018
Waterproofing can be used for a variety of reasons. Waterproofing wooden planter boxes for example is a great way to add some greenery to your backyard.
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Deck the Halls: Decorating Your Deck

December 6, 2019
With the holidays upon us, you probably have started thinking about decorating. While most only decorate inside the house, don’t forget to come up with Christmas...
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Deck Party Prep Ideas for Summer

July 3, 2020
Thank goodness summer has arrived. It's time to think about entertaining outdoors. Is your deck ready for an outdoor summer party? Here are a few things to consider.
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Commercial Waterproofing for You

May 30, 2018
There’s no doubt about it, waterproofing a home or building is one of the most important things you can do. Not only is this true for homeowners...
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Concrete Coatings 101: The Basics

January 23, 2018
Whether you own a garage with a concrete floor, a concrete driveway or an outdoor concrete deck, it’s important to learn about how you can protect your concrete.
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Epoxy Floor Coatings In Your Garage

June 8, 2016
A garage is a perfect place to see the benefits of epoxy floor coatings. Garages often see a lot of traffic as well as tough spills from oils or cleaners.
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5 Warning Signs You Need a New Deck

March 6, 2020
Having a deck in your yard adds something extra to your home. It’s a great place to hang with friends and family, or it gives you a place to sit, relax...
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Signs Your Deck Needs Waterproofing

July 25, 2012
As a new homeowner in Southern California, you may be wondering the best options on how to preserve your pristine deck for future generations to enjoy.
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Benefits of Waterproofing

August 24, 2018
When it comes to waterproofing benefits, the most obvious benefit is protection from water. However, did you know that waterproofing your home or deck is...
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