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Light up Your Outdoor Deck this Summer

Rosie Valdez
May 15, 2020

Beautiful decks have clean lines, beautiful wood, and gorgeous lighting. These features make it easy and effortless to enjoy your deck as a new and entertaining living space. Lighting can change decks as well, creating a more romantic tone or a beautiful setting for an outdoor dinner. From pendant lights to sconces to hanging industrial lighting, your deck deserves a contemporary illuminating style.

These are some of the best summer lights for outdoor decks in 2020.

What Deck Light Options are Available?

Several lighting styles are sophisticated yet functional, and they can match just about any wood grain or decor style.

Some of the options include:

  1. Deck rail lights
  2. Stair lights
  3. Deck post lights
  4. Sconces
  5. Hanging lights for covered decks

When thinking about the lights you want to choose, you should look first at safety. For example, deck stairs and rail lights are essential to prevent slipping, falling, and other accidents in the dark.

Designing the Best Deck Lighting

You ultimately want to match the vibe and look of your outdoor deck. Do you have a dark or light wood grain? Do you have multiple platforms, or is it a smaller deck with just enough room for a grill and seating area? Your lighting should be functional, illuminating the critical spaces of your deck, but it should also be fluid with the design.

When picking lighting to match your decor, you can always look at the type of fixture and color. For example, industrial lighting features raw materials, black metal, and copper. However, you may want to install elegant chandelier lighting for a high-ceiling over your deck. Others want a nautical theme to match a pool deck area.

Summer Lights for Outdoor Deck Ideas

In addition to these tips, interior designers also recommend that you create the perfect mood for your outdoor deck area. To do this, you want to create an atmosphere and change the color of your lights. Some lights are too harsh and aren't welcome for entertaining purposes.

Choose the Color Wisely

For summertime outdoor parties, bright, warm lighting is best. These make your space feel cozy. Cool lights may also work if you need to light up a larger area.

Pick What to Light First

Post and mount lighting brighten up large areas, but the lights should also be at the perfect height to minimize glare.

Stairs should also receive safety lights, especially if you don't have a rail with lights.

Try Hanging Lights for Ambiance

For decks with a roof or pergola, you can add hanging lights to create a sleek, beautiful look. Lanterns, light strings, and hurricane lamps are perfect for achieving this look.

Next Steps: Setting Up the Perfect Deck for Summer

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