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Top Reasons Why you Should Waterproof your Commercial Building

Jenn Tolson
May 26, 2017

Whether commercial buildings are constantly exposed to wet conditions or they only see some occasional rain, every commercial building can use waterproofing. Even if the commercial building does not come into contact with a lot of water, this is not a reason for it to not be waterproofed. Here are some reasons why you should waterproof your commercial building

When you add waterproofing to structures, it can make the structure more breathable. When a structure is breathable, it means that inevitable liquid moisture and vapor buildup will be able to escape. In a wood building, if the walls are not breathable, it can create mold, mildew and rot to form, which could inevitably even cause the building to collapse. In a structure that has used steel, if it is not breathable, water buildup and moisture will cause the steel to rust, which can also lead to the integrity of the structure to fail. Another added benefit to waterproofing is that it allows for structures to become UV Resistant. Whether the commercial building is a parking structure or a building with roofing membranes, UV Resistance is key. UV rays can actually weaken the threaten the integrity of a structure. One sure fire way to prevent this from happening is through waterproofing.

One little-known fact is that waterproofing actually increases the energy efficiency of a building, thus lowering costs. This is possible because if a building is not waterproofed, water and moisture can easily move into the building. When this happens, it actually makes it easier for temperature changes to occur. With changes in temperature, HVAC systems will then inevitably work harder to compensate for the flux in temperatures and will make electricity bills that much higher. Waterproofing helps to prevent moisture from entering into the building in the first place, which helps to maintain temperature regulation.

Waterproofing is essential to managing your property.