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Why Stair Nosing Is Critical To Your Stairs

Jenn Tolson
October 19, 2016

Not many people know what the term “stair nose” refers to. However, just because you might not have heard of it before doesn’t mean you don’t know what it is. Stair noses refer to the pieces of wood or molding that are installed on the edges of staircases. These moldings not only add protection to the stairs themselves, but also help to keep people safe

It is common knowledge that stairs can be a potentially dangerous place, especially for children and old people. Falling is a serious concern as a number of physical mishaps can occur if one is not careful. Stair noses are a good way to help prevent falls. This is because stair noses can help to define the edges of steps. Sometimes, people might fall because it is hard to look past the monotony of what the steps look like. Therefore, it can be difficult to pinpoint where individual steps start and end. Since stair noses help to define the steps, it can help to prevent potential falls. Stair noses also help to prevent falls by the simple fact that it provides a little more room for your feet to stand on. 

Another benefit of stair noses is that it can actually add value to your home. This is because stair noses help to protect the individual steps from normal wear and tear. With an extra layer of protection, the steps become more durable and withstand more weight than they would without any protection. This of course means that the stairs will be able to last longer and can go longer amounts of time without needing any repairs. Stair noses also add a positive aesthetic to the overall look of your house. This too can help to add value to your home. These are just a few benefits to adding stair installation noses to your staircase.

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