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The Benefits & Importance of Applying Deck Coatings

Rosie Valdez
March 2, 2016

There are a myriad of reasons why you should add a deck coating to your outdoor deck. Not only can it make it safer, coatings can also protect the wood making your deck look newer for longer. Here are some ways that show how deck coatings can improve the longevity of your deck. 

First and foremost, when you add a coating to your deck, it will not only keep the overall appearance of your deck looking new, it will also protect it from water damage if the coating is waterproof. When first built, decks do not come stained or coated so it is up to the homeowner to make sure this gets properly done. When the wood is properly coated, it keeps the fibers of the wood from having water penetrate it, which means the wood will stay dry even during the wettest months of the year. When your deck can remain water resistant, it prevents unsightly cracks and splinters from forming. Coatings also protect you and your loved ones because these splinters can be painful if stepped on and people might trip on cracked or warped wood. 

Another way that coating your deck can help keep people safe is that often, a no slip texture can be added to the deck. This is especially important if your deck has stairs. Many people slip going down stairs, especially if the stairs happen to be wet. By adding a slip resistant coating to your stairs, you can make sure that everyone who uses your deck can remain safe. Whatever your deck is made out of from, from wood to concrete, there are non-slip coatings that you can choose from. Make sure you choose the right type of coating for your deck. If you are hiring an outside contractor, let them know that you are interested in taking advantage of coatings that offer slip resistance as all coatings do not come with this added feature. The benefits of applying deck coatings are huge, call a professional for a Quote today!