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Social Media for Property Managers

Julie Frost
March 17, 2023

While social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer affordable advertising solutions, no one will follow a page that continually posts ads and does not provide meaningful or helpful content. Marketing your communities involves a combination of paid promotions and subtle, creative marketing that makes people click the "Follow" button.

These social media for property management ideas will help you engage your tenants and provide helpful content to prospective tenants. You'll build credibility in your area, and when someone's looking for a new apartment, they'll turn to your property because they know that they can trust your business.

Social Media for Ideas for Property Managers

Tenant Spotlights

Happy tenant holding the keys of the house

One of the most challenging things for property managers is creating social media content. Social media for property management isn’t complicated if you think outside the box. A great way to promote your community without spending a dime is to show your appreciation with resident spotlights featuring a picture and a little information about them. They can complete a questionnaire about their favorite hobbies and discuss why they chose your community. Encourage them to brag about a recent accomplishment, such as a new job.

You can also highlight the employees that keep your business running. This introduces them to your neighborhood and gives your page a personal touch. Prospective residents will feel like they already know your team when they visit. Plus, you'll boost employee satisfaction and make your property look like a great workplace.

Giveaways and Promotions

Encourage prospective tenants by sharing promotions, such as $300 off their first month's rent or no application fees. Ensure that you're offering the promotion for a limited time to create a sense of urgency. If you launch a promotion around Christmas or Thanksgiving, you can tie it into the "giving" season.

Similarly, engage your followers with giveaways available to the public. Invite people to share your post, use a hashtag or complete another action to receive an entry. Announce the winner on social media with a picture of their prize, such as a gift basket or gift card for a local business.

Customer Reviews

Periodically, share a screenshot of a four- or five-star review you received on Facebook or Google Maps. Thank the user for the review to show your appreciation. You'll show followers that people enjoy living on your property and inspire them to post their reviews in the hope that you'll spotlight their remarks.

Similarly, respond to reviews and comments on social media so that your followers know you're listening. Many people leave complaints on social media posts instead of directing them to your office. You'll make a good impression when people see you acknowledging your tenants.

Unit Updates

Announce newly available units on social media to attract residents. Share pictures and floor plans and discuss the benefits of moving in, such as your exclusive pool and community areas. If you're renovating apartments, share pictures during the process and show off your new units to grab your community's attention.

Likewise, discuss building new additions, adding more features, and hiring new employees. Let everyone know what's happening in the office and post-holiday decorations images. When the new year arrives, discuss your plans for the future. How do you want to make your residents even more satisfied?

Video Tours

Doing a video tour

Share videos to show off your units to people who need more time for an in-person tour. Carefully guide the camera through the rooms and describe the units as if you're speaking to viewers directly. Highlight the best features in the apartment, such as marble countertops, upgraded appliances, or new concrete deck flooring on the balconies.

You can also schedule live tours to build excitement, especially if you're about to open a new unit. Count down the days to your live stream on social media, then guide viewers through the apartment and invite them to ask questions at the end. The number of engagements helps you gauge interest in your property.

Business Collaborations

Show the neighborhood that you care by collaborating with other businesses. Promote their events on your page, discuss store openings, and spotlight their social media pages. Make sure you ask them to collaborate first to avoid catching them off guard.

For more interaction, attend community events, such as concerts and store openings, and share pictures on your profiles. If you have a festival booth, post pictures and tell everyone how much fun you had. You could also collaborate on special offers, such as discounts at local stores for new tenants.

Tenant Groups

Create a community for your tenants with an exclusive Facebook group. Social media profiles are essential, but they're impersonal and detached. A Facebook group shows clients you care and want to talk to them directly while maintaining professional boundaries. Share pictures and updates to keep everybody informed.

Your tenants can use the group to get to know each other. Stimulate discussion by asking questions, like what everyone thought of the latest Netflix series. Update group members on social events within your community that everyone can attend. You can invite everyone to welcome your latest renters, creating a friendly atmosphere.

Decorating Tips

Woman decorating with a plant

Make tenants feel at home by sharing decorating tips. Talk about furnishings, home decor, potted plants, posters, outdoor sculptures, and other items as long as they don't violate your lease agreement. They'll be inspired and associate your units with a fun, homelike environment. Plus, you'll inspire non-tenants in your community, leading to more engagement and followers.

Share the occasional design tip with a full-color photo. If you have a website, post a long-form blog with several decorating tips and search engine optimization (SEO) keywords that tenants can reference later. You'll draw attention to your website and provide a resource that clients use even after they move out.

Promote Your Communities With Social Media

Social media is an easy low-cost way to share happenings in your communities. You can also use social media for property management to promote your community with ads that will generate more interest from prospective tenants.

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