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Innovative HOA Pool Upgrade Trends & Ideas

Cynthia Cline
January 19, 2024

As homeowners’ associations (HOAs) seek to increase and enhance their amenities to address the evolving needs of residents, the swimming pool area has become an important focal point. Improving and upgrading common pool areas makes the space more functional and enjoyable for residents and boosts the community’s overall appeal.

Whether you’re looking to modernize your community’s pool area or you're working on a new pool project, the following ideas can help transform the pool area into an attractive and relaxing oasis for residents.

1) Shade Structures

Add structures such as pergolas, umbrellas, or cabanas to the pool area to provide shade for residents. These structures offer shade and relief during the hottest months while members of the community lounge by the pool. Choose larger, commercial-grade market umbrellas to place between lounge chairs.

You can also add umbrellas with a cantilever feature, which allows them to bend and cast shade without blocking the walkways. This option enables residents to create a shady spot in the pool during the heat of summer.

Consider also upgrading poolside furniture to provide modern, comfortable chaise lounges. Choose high-quality furniture and cushions made from materials that hold up to the elements and are easy to keep clean and in good repair.

2) Bar-b-que and Fire Features

Add a barbeque or enhance the existing facilities to include features such as a sink, prep counter space, and benches with tables for family seating. This creates a trendy outdoor kitchen environment, which allows residents to host pool parties.

Adding fire features combining the element of fire with water can enhance the ambiance of your community pool area. Consider strategically placing fire pits, torches or fire bowls around the pool for warmth and beautiful illumination at night. Add simple grill tops to the firepits for cooking s’mores and hotdogs to encourage residents to kick back around the fire on balmy evenings.

3) Improved Lighting and Heating

Spice up the HOA community pool with upgraded lighting, such as LED fixtures and light bulbs. LEDs have become more trendy not just because they offer increased energy efficiency but also due to the captivating effects you can create with them. Consider changing the pool lights from standard clear to color-changing bulbs to add fun and flair for nighttime swimming, with bold colors for parties and pastel tones for serene moonlight swims.

If the pool does not have a heater, consider adding one to extend the swimming season. Residents can still enjoy the warmer pool water in cooler weather.

4) Water Features

One of the latest trends in HOA pool upgrades is embracing organic and natural shapes. Some communities design their pools to reflect more natural forms to mimic lagoons or ponds. You can add natural beauty to a finished pool by integrating a water feature such as a waterfall, waterslide, or fountain. The feature can be comprised of rocks or faux boulders and have dripping or running water, like a creek, to provide relaxing sounds. You may need to check your locale’s safety regulations before adding features like a water slide or diving board.

Another water feature, albeit with a more practical purpose, is an outdoor shower with upgraded restroom facilities in the pool area. These amenities offer more convenience and a spa-like environment to pool-goers. An outdoor shower also allows residents to rinse before entering the pool or rinse chlorine off after exiting.

5) Lush Landscaping and Greenery

Enhance the visual appeal and natural environment of your community’s pool area by adding lush plants and flower beds. For one of the less costly HOA pool upgrades, plant the flower beds with seasonal blooms to keep them looking fresh and lively. Keep costs under control by planting long-lasting ornamental shrubs that don’t need to be changed out and enhancing them with a front row of seasonal blooming plants.

Consider adding palm trees or other tree varieties with attractive foliage that offer aesthetic benefits. Avoid trees that drop leaves, seed pods, or berries too close to the pool to keep maintenance and pool cleaning to a minimum.

6) Wi-Fi Access and a Screen

With the increased number of people working from home, many residents have come to expect technological conveniences in common areas such as a community business center. You can take things up a notch by adding Wi-Fi connectivity in the pool area so residents can work and play poolside.

Consider also adding amenities such as outdoor speakers and a large flat-screen TV if the area has the proper setup. Residents can watch games from the pool, and the HOA can host events such as resident movie nights.

7) Cool Pool Deck Upgrades

A nice pool area adds to property value and aesthetics, and HOA pool upgrades enhance this important amenity for residents. But if the pool deck gets too hot during the warmer months, residents have less incentive to enjoy lounging poolside and walking on the hot pavement.

Consider upgrading the space around the pool with an overlay designed to reflect sunlight and keep the deck cooler. You can find deck coatings with waterproof properties and choose different textures and colors. You may even decide to create an attractive design by blending attractive, functional deck coatings with pavers designed to stay cool.

8) Varied Seating

Some people and families like to stay at the pool but may not want to get wet. Instead of just having lounge chairs or upright chairs for table seating, consider separate seating areas with cushioned Adirondack chairs where residents can gather and socialize or sit and read a good book. You can also integrate a pop of color with the cushions, providing a festive or elegant vibe to the entire area.

Upgrades Provide Many Enhancements to the Pool Area

These trends and ideas can form the basis for your HOA’s project to upgrade the pool area. With careful planning, resident input, and professional execution, attractive upgrades will be completed quickly. By staying tuned in to the latest trends and responding to your community’s needs and desires, you can make the best choice and invest in the most desired upgrades for your community’s pool area.

Hiring the right subcontractors ensures that your pool upgrades, such as deck resurfacing, are completed with high-quality results. Make your community’s pool the place where residents meet up to socialize, relax, and create fond memories. Contact the professionals at West Coast Waterproofing to plan your pool area upgrades today.