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Waterproof vs. Deck Stains

Kevin Marshall
September 23, 2017

As the proud owner of a deck, one of the most important things that you can do is deck maintenance. Deck maintenance includes a number of things including upkeep such as intermittently washing your deck and cleaning off the various debris that may have formed over time or every now and then checking to make sure all the screws and nails in the deck are properly secured and in place. Routinely getting your deck waterproofed is also another part of deck maintenance. You may be considering staining your deck and may even be thinking, where can I find deck stain companies near me? Instead of this, waterproofing can be a longer lasting alternative to a do-it-yourself stain. Read on to learn more.

When you add a stain to a deck, one of the pros is that you will be able to get the color that you want on your deck. However, when you simply stain your deck, you run the risk of the color eventually fading. For example, if you just put a stain on your deck, it is not protected from UV rays, which will damage your deck over time and will contribute to quick fading. When you waterproof your deck instead, waterproofing will also add a sealant to the surface of your deck. This sealant will provide extra protection against UV rays, rain, snow, dirt and other things that will happen when it’s exposed to weather. In addition to this, the sealants will also help to keep the wood from splitting and cracking, which means you can walk around barefoot on your deck without fears of getting any splinters.

Another proof of waterproofing as opposed to just sealing is that waterproofing needs less maintenance that staining. A deck only needs to be waterproofed once every few years and then you can rest easy knowing that your deck is protected from all the elements. This will also help to protect against mold and dry rot, which will help save you money down the road.