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The Importance of Maintaining Your Deck

Kevin Marshall
July 29, 2013

After purchasing a great new deck for your home, it is important to keep up with proper maintenance. It is important to maintain your deck not only to protect your investment, but also for you and your family’s safety. Wear and tear are normal for decks, especially those that are located closer to the ocean. A poorly maintained deck could become damaged or even collapse. Be sure to have your deck evaluated by a professional if you believe it is in need of maintenance.

On July 10, 2013 in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina a deck collapsed from a second-story condo. According to reports, about 25 people were standing on the deck when it collapsed from underneath them and onto the cement floor. Around 21 people were injured and taken to the hospital. Luckily, there were no deaths involved. Injuries ranged from broken bones, cuts, scrapes, and one person reportedly suffered a spinal injury. It was not known exactly what the cause of the collapse was. This is why it is important to take preventative measures and properly maintain your deck. The Mayor of Ocean Isle Beach also commented on the terrible incident, stating that she believed decks near the oceanfront should have strict standards to prevent incidents like these from occurring.When you start noticing wear on your deck or it has been a significant amount of time since it has been maintained, it is best to call an insured, bonded, and licensed deck company such as West Coast Deck Waterproofing. We offer a free, no obligation evaluation and quote and will let you know if your deck requires maintenance. We take pride in our work and offer a “Best Price Guarantee Policy” for customer satisfaction. Our company offers deck installation in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and the Inland Empire for your convenience. Call our professionals today to schedule an appointment.