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Safety Risks Associated With Poor Deck Maintenance

Jenn Tolson
August 16, 2013

A popular way to beautify and add value to any home is by installing a deck waterproofing system. Not only does waterproofing your deck improve the look of your house but it also serves a functional purpose to protect your deck against structural damage caused by weather, water damage, and mold. Many homeowners fail to realize the safety risks that can result from a poorly maintained deck. You may be putting yourself and your family at risk when you neglect to care for your deck. Many homeowners wait until damage has already been done to their decks to hire a deck contractor. These types of homeowners tend to spend tons of money in the long run because more often than not decks become severely damaged to the point in which they can no longer be salvaged. If this is the case for you, then a new decking system must be installed which will require a greater investment. So what can you do as a homeowner to avoid these pitfalls and protect yourself from health problems associated with poor deck maintenance?First off, you must assess how your deck looks and functions. If you see that there is moisture left behind from rain or snow, then this is a sign that you will need to resurface your deck, apply new deck coatings, and/or install a waterproof decking system. Moisture can also be left behind whenever you water your plants with a hose or use sprinklers. Water can easily seep through wooden decks and create puddles and leaks. As soon as water seeps through the deck, the deck is then compromised and becomes a breeding ground for termites and mold. Water intrusion causes major structural damage as well as serious health concerns for occupants. The after-effects of water intrusion poses a great threat to your health especially your respiratory organs. When water dissolves in wood, it causes organisms to grow and contaminants to spread thus resulting in mold spores, rot and fungi. Water also becomes trapped in the buildings frame and insulation. In the worst case scenario, if the deck is left unrepaired, the deck will collapse over time causing even injury.To prevent such problems, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional deck contractor in Los Angeles to waterproof your deck. Waterproofing can effectively help prevent water entry by sealing in potential leaks in walls and allows for better ventilation which improves the air quality. The structure’s foundation is no longer compromised through this use of deck waterproofing. Don’t wait next week or tomorrow, to get your deck evaluated. Request a quote today and save time and money.