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Transforming Your Deck With Color

Pembrook Nelson
December 30, 2016

If you have been thinking about remodeling or renovating your home, it is important to know that transforming the look of the outside of your home can be accomplished without having to do major reconstruction. By simply adding color or stamps onto your concrete deck, it can completely change the look and feel of your home. Here are some ways that you can transform your deck with just a little color. 

Adding color to your concrete deck has many benefits. One of the benefits of this is that tinted concrete can help the deck blend in more harmoniously with the background of your home. This adds an overall seamless transition and makes it more appealing to the eye. Concrete stains come in a variety of colors. There are tints of beige and hues of orange and reds. There are also darker colors such as deep browns, blues, and even greens. Depending on the environment and the style of your home, the tint can be matched to the needs of your home. 

Another great thing about adding color to your deck is that you can add stamps or stencils to the concrete. Through this tool, you can mimic a wide range of various patterns that are popular. For example, through a combination of color tints and stamps, your concrete deck can be transformed to look like slate, brick, flagstone and many more options. The end result is left looking almost entirely like the real thing. An added benefit is that concrete is much more affordable than getting slate, brick, flagstone or other materials. If you have been considering changing the look of your backyard, simply adding color to your deck can go along away. If you want to fully transform the look of your deck, consider adding stamps or stencils to the concrete to give your backyard an affordable transformation.  If you are considering deck staining Newhall, Orange and Los Angeles are serviced by West Coast Deck Waterproofing so make sure to give them a call for you free estimate.