West Coast Deck Provides Decorative Finishes for Your Deck

April 14, 2017

Oftentimes, homeowners might want to spruce up their home with a makeover or new improvements. More often than not, these new construction projects can become costly with no end in sight. If you need have an outdoor deck or pool deck, there is good news for you. There is an easy as well as budget friendly way to get your backyard looking like new. Instead of costly makeovers or construction projects, simply use a decorative tile deck waterproofing finish for your outdoor deck.

When waterproof finishes are put on decks, thanks to the latest technologies, decorative finishes can be added to these waterproof coats. For example, designs, patterns and even different textures can be stamped onto the surface of the new finish. In addition, colors can even be added to the surface of your deck. Common colors that are added to deck finishes included light browns, reds, tans, blues and grays. Something that is particularly useful to using decorative finishes to your top coating is that your concrete can be transformed to look like an all new material. For example, after these decorative finishes are used, your deck can end up looking like it was made from marble, slate, cobblestone, granite, flagstone and more. These type of materials are often very expensive. However, a material like concrete is much more budget friendly, which means you can get the look you want without having to go over budget.

In addition, there are many different designs that can be created as well. If you enjoy the brick or tile pattern, this can be accomplished. Even more involved patterns such or the diagonal or herringbone design can be achieved as well. Using these various stamping and color tinting techniques, you can get your deck looking like new without having to deal with frustrating construction work or costly bills.

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