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Waterproofing Your Planters Makes a Beautiful Home

Daliah Okoro
July 15, 2013

Summer brings many beautiful flowers blooming in the Los Angeles area! Keeping your flowers growing properly and your house at its best so they look as good as possible can be an important job. Waterproofing planters is an essential task when it comes to flowers and keeping your garden beautiful. It doesn't rain much in Bell Gardens, Pasadena, or the greater Los Angeles area, but when it does, you will be happy your planters are protected and don’t flood or create any damage!

Using planters helps plant roots from experiencing rapid temperature changes, which can occur when using other materials to house plants. Untreated wood can easily start to decay, so caring for your wood is the best way to keep both your flowers and your home looking nice. Planters that leak can cause serious damage to your house, as water seeps through surrounding materials. If not properly waterproofed, it is easy for planters to become a breeding ground for dry-rot and mold. Call professional waterproofers to take care of your planters – and make sure to do it before you do any planting in order to defend the planter from harmful effects of water and ultraviolet light. While waterproofing planters may be a less critical item to waterproof, it is still important. Adequate drainage should also take place to constrain possible flooding. The planter needs to be waterproofed in order to protect against the potential for damage during watering and to keep up with garden maintenance.Keeping your planters clean is an important part of pre-care in waterproofing. Ensure all dirt and debris from both inside and outside the planter is clean and dry. Waterproofing planter boxes works on both built-in and free standing planters. Let the professionals take care of your home today!