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Easy Ways to Protect Your Deck From Planters

Daliah Okoro
April 30, 2014

Having an outside deck is a great addition to any house. It can increase the value of your home, offers an additional place to relax during nice weather, and provides an ideal location for entertaining your guests while outdoors. While planters is a great way to decorate your deck, they can also be a problem since dampness under these planters can eventually seep into the decks, which can cause expensive repairs. Lucky for you, there are also some easy ways you can protect your deck from planter marks and stains. There are also a number of convenient ways on how to build and maintain planter boxes for decks that will not only look great, but will also keep your deck in great condition.

The most effective ways to prevent planter stains on your deck is by never even having the pots touch the deck. This, of course, is possible by having hanging planters. Hanging planters come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can be sure to find whatever it is that you need. You can choose from oblong clay or plastic containers to wire baskets that are lined with moss. You simply need to attach metal hooks to your deck banister and you are on your way to protecting your deck. Another helpful hint is to clear your deck in the wintertime. Damp conditions without any warm temperatures to help dry out the deck can lead to stains, mold, and even moss under your planters. Instead, bring your delicate plants inside if possible. Removing all your planters from your deck at the end of summer ensures a clean deck. Cleaning and sealing in the fall can be a boost to make your deck look its best.

It is also important to move your lightweight plants around as planters sitting in one place are bound to collect water underneath, which may cause damage to your deck. Large containers should also be moved and using wheeled planter stands can make this task easier. It is especially important to relocate planters once a week during rainy weather and should be moved less often during hot weather. Finally, by creating airflow under planters, you can protect your deck against stains, especially from red clay pots. You can lay your planter on top of cedar boards so your plants never contact the deck. Cedar resists decay and is a cost effective way to protect your deck.