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Why Choose Desert Crete Texture Products?

Daliah Okoro
January 29, 2014

If you own a hotel, manage an apartment complex, or are in charge of any other property which sees regular visitors, then flooring and decking are one of the many things that you will be responsible for keeping fresh, clean, and well maintained. You might think this to be slightly insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but it is one of the first things your guests or tenants will see. If you are wanting to send the right impression, then you need to take it seriously!

By using a new kind of overlay system known as Desert Crete Texture, you will be able to waterproof, restore, and even decorate your tired old concrete floors. It doesn't even matter if the floors are damaged as they can be resurfaced with little to no hassle —meaning you will not have to spend any extra money by having your old ones ripped out. 

Additionally, you can change it up a little by choosing from up to 12 different patterns, which include: the traditional Baltimore Brick, the sophisticated Herringbone, the attractive Basket Weave or the more eccentric shapes of the American Flagstone. Once you have chosen your pattern, you can then pick from the 12 associated colors. There is your typical Vintage White which looks very attractive, but due to its tendency to show all manners of dirt, this may be better used for areas which see less traffic. For a mid-range color, you might choose a Sandal wood or Stonecrete, depending on whether you’re leaning more towards a brown or a gray/blue shade. If you want to give a warm and homely feel to your environment, then you would be better suited to a dark color such as Brick Red or Forest Green. These colors have the added advantages of showing less dirt than the lighter colors, making them preferable in areas of high guest traffic. Choose Desert Crete products to give your property the excellent flooring and decking it deserves.