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Tips on Maintaining HOA Common Areas

Steve Thompson
November 4, 2022

Common Areas in a Homeowners Association community refer to amenities and utilities shared by the community. They include clubhouses, swimming pools, sidewalks, fences, lighting, and landscaping. These resources are usually overseen by the HOA board and must be maintained properly, or they will noticeably degrade over time. Here are some important tips on maintaining HOA Common Areas.

Why Regular Common Area Maintenance Matters

Your HOA community likely attracts residents who don't want to be bothered by certain chores, such as mowing lawns. The HOA board is expected to deliver a certain quality for shared amenities such as swimming pools and tennis courts. It's the HOA's responsibility to maintain the property to a certain standard. If outdoor decks are not properly maintained, it can lower the entire property's value.

Regular property maintenance, especially in Common Areas, is necessary to keep residents safe and to avoid complaints that may grow into lawsuits. Poor maintenance can set up disasters, such as someone tripping over a big crack in a concrete walkway.

For example, neglecting a community swimming pool can outrage people and lead to government fines. Pest control is also usually the responsibility of the HOA. Each state has its own regulations on who is responsible for maintaining public facilities. The HOA cannot afford to have its reputation damaged by the spread of negative reviews.

How HOAs Can Ensure Public Safety in Common Areas

Accidents can happen anywhere, so property owners and managers must be cognizant of areas that may cause someone to trip and fall. Here are some of the key ways an HOA can take preventative steps to reduce the chances of unnecessary disasters:

Communicate Clearly with Signs

Effective communication through signage helps prevent problems from happening. Signs help remind residents about HOA policies and why they are important for the good of the community. These reminders can involve cleaning after pets, keeping dogs on leashes, and shutting the gate when leaving the pool area.

Schedule Regular HOA Inspections

Inspections are a major key to proactive maintenance. Inspect all HOA Common Areas to ensure walkways are clear and free of hazards. You must also maintain inspection records for the community to review. This information can be mentioned at HOA meetings to improve the quality of life in the community.

Prioritize Public Safety

Anyone in business that involves public safety has major responsibilities required by law. Failing to meet these responsibilities can give a property bad publicity and drain its assets with regulatory and legal consequences. Business leaders like HOA board members should care about their homeowners' well-being to maintain a cohesive, friendly community. Public safety should be a top concern since it can define the quality of your association.


Use these tips on maintaining HOA common areas to improve your community standards.
Don't allow your HOA responsibilities to get overshadowed by financial concerns or other matters. Maintaining safe Common Areas is part of managing and improving property value and attracting affluent residents. Contact us at West Coast Deck Waterproofing for more insights on HOA Common Areas involving deck waterproofing.