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What To Check For Before Repairing Your Deck

Rosie Valdez
August 10, 2016

For any homeowner that is also the proud owner of an outdoor deck, it is important to perform standard maintenance in order to keep the deck in good condition. However, over time, you may notice signs your deck needs repair. Here are some things to check for in order to see if your deck needs any repairs

The first thing that should be checked is to see if there is any rot. For a wooden deck, rot is one of the worst things that can happen. Rot gets inside the wood and can weaken the overall integrity of the deck. In fact, many fatal accidents can occur if the deck has enough rot. In order to check for rot, check for any soft spots in the wood. If the wood has a spongy substance, it is suspect to rot. If it seems like the rot is in a small enough section, it is possible to take out the infected area before it spreads to the rest of the wood panels. 

Another thing to look out for is cracked or damaged boards. This is a common happenstance for wooden decks and is easily fixed. For the most part, cracked boards simply occur over time due to regular wear from traffic and the elements. As a result, be sure to check all the high traffic areas of the deck. However, don’t forget to check out low traffic areas as well since these boards can still have signs of damage as well. If you spot signs of damage, simply remove them and replace with new panels. 

A last thing to check for is the connectors and fasteners used in your deck. In addition to nails and screws, metal connectors are used to keep the deck together. Sometimes, it is possible for these metal connectors to become rusted. If this is the case, they need to be replaced. A much easier problem to fix is whether or not there are any loose connections. Overtime, these connections can simply become loose. An easy way to check for this is to see if there are any wobbly rails or loose stair steps. If this is the case, simply tightening screws or using new nails will fix the problem. 

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