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5 Signs Your Deck Needs Waterproofing

Rosie Valdez
July 25, 2012

As a new homeowner in Southern California, you may be wondering how to preserve your pristine deck for future generations to enjoy. Some of the first steps include being aware the material and coating on your deck and recognizing when it is time to renovate. Below are five signs to look for that are good indicators that you should give attention to your deck before further problems occur.

1. Are there stains on the ceiling below your deck? 

This is one of the most tell-tale signs that your deck needs to be waterproofed. After the last rainfall, did you notice any damp water spots on the ceiling of your living area below the deck? Stains will be easiest to spot on wooden materials, although stains can show up on concrete decks. 

2. Are there any broken, rusty or loose areas in the existing deck material? 

Closely inspect all areas of your deck for defects. Weather and even water from a hose, small spill or hot tub can cause significant damage to your deck. Don’t forget to check your deck’s metal flashing for any defects. 

 3. Are there soft spots on your deck surface? 

This is an important factor, especially, for wooden decks. Soft plywood substrate is a common indication of dry-rotted plywood, framing or termites.  Catching any of these signs early on gives you a better chance to preserve your deck for years to come. 

 4. Are the existing deck materials peeling or flecking from the surface? 

It’s true that all deck stains require re-coating after a certain amount of time, so be aware of when your deck needs a fix-up. If possible, also be aware of the chemicals inside your coating material so you know how your deck will react to outside influences.

 5. Are there any cracks in visible areas? 

Wood absorbs and store moisture through its natural design as part of a tree. Dry wood will absorb moisture through saw cuts and exposed end grain. As a result of exposure, the wood will expand and contract, causing cracking and splitting in your deck.If you are unsure of your ability to answer of these questions yourself, you may need to contact a Los Angeles deck waterproofing service of experts. At West Coast Deck Waterproofing, we will provide you with a complimentary quote upon inspection. Request a call to start the process today!