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Why It’s Important to Waterproof if You Live Near the Beach

Jenn Tolson
January 11, 2019

If you’re a homeowner with a deck, you probably know the importance of waterproofing. Generally, waterproofing offers the same benefits across the board. However, waterproofing by the beach provides other things that it is important to take into consideration. One of the the biggest reasons getting your deck waterproofed if you live by the beach is important is due to the direct sunlight that you are getting nearly year round. UV rays can significantly damage your deck if left untreated.

Another specific problem that arises by the beach is the saltwater. If your deck is right by the beach and is frequently exposed to saltwater, if it’s not treated, your wood will become damaged and take on a fuzzy appearance. Additionally, your deck is not immune to other common problems that arise if your deck isn’t waterproofed. This includes the growth of mold and mildew. This in turn can lead to health hazards to your family as mold is linked to respiratory problems and can even lead to asthma.

The best way to be able to prevent damage to your deck in the first place is to ensure that your deck is built or preserved with strong materials. WC Deck Waterproofing has been serving Southern CA for over 30 years, offering professional waterproofing services and high quality materials that will keep your deck looking like new.