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Attracting Gen Z to the Construction Industry

Albert Cormier
April 7, 2023

Generation Z has recently emerged into the workforce and is now predicted to make up a large part of the labor market, so it’s no surprise that more employers are looking for ways to draw them into their industries. As competition for a qualified generation of workers continues to grow, construction industry companies need a specific strategy tailored to Gen Zers if they hope to keep up with the demand for skilled workers. As Millennials built opportunities over the past years, it's time to address how businesses should bridge building robust relationships with generation Z while remaining competitive in today's rapidly evolving economy. But how do you go about attracting Gen Z to the construction industry? This blog post explores strategies your business can employ now that will help make entering the construction industry more attractive than ever before for Gen Zers.

Leverage Technology to Appeal to Gen Z

Technology is one of the most effective ways to appeal to Gen Z when recruiting new talent in the construction industry. Gen Zers are incredibly tech-savvy, so taking advantage of technology will help your organization stand out from the competition and make attracting top talent from this generation easier.

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are great tools for connecting with this generation. Platforms like Snapchat can be used to share images and videos of exciting projects or worksites, while LinkedIn can be used to showcase job postings and company culture. Utilizing emerging technologies like Building Information Modeling (BIM) software is essential to streamline workflows and processes.

Promote Collaborative Workspaces

Dedicating areas specifically for brainstorming and idea sharing allows Gen Z employees to exercise their innovative minds comfortably. This helps build trust and loyalty with your team and improves the quality of construction careers by encouraging collaboration between departments and colleagues. Such environments also foster positive relationships between department members, improving team morale and production efficiency.

For example, projects like laying floating floor over magnesite can benefit significantly from this approach. When Gen Z workers understand each other's perspectives and share ideas, they come to better solutions more quickly, saving time and money in the long run. Additionally, job satisfaction among Gen Z employees increases when they feel like their creative input is valued by leadership.

Create Apprenticeship Programs for Gen Z

Apprenticeships allow Gen Zers to learn new skills while also earning a salary. As the construction industry modernizes, creating attractive apprenticeship programs for Gen Zers is a great way to attract skilled professionals and cultivate a successful talent pipeline.

This experiential learning opportunity encourages problem-solving, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving abilities essential for success in any field – including the construction industry. In addition, you can benefit from the enthusiasm and diverse perspectives that Gen Zers bring to your team.

Showcase Diverse Voices in the Construction Industry

A diverse workplace with open dialogue is essential when attracting the Gen Z construction industry. Diversity in construction and other industries provides insight into different perspectives, allowing for more incredible innovation and improved problem-solving abilities. By embracing these varied points of view, businesses can create an environment where Gen Z workers feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and ideas, ultimately driving growth and success.

At the same time, incorporating diversity in the construction workforce also brings tremendous benefits to homeowners, business owners, property management companies, and homeowner associations (HOAs). With more people from different backgrounds working on projects together, there is a much higher likelihood that all your stakeholders will have their voices heard and that everyone's needs may be considered for the best possible outcome.

Offer Remote and Flexible Work Schedules Whenever Possible

Gen Z is accustomed to having jobs that offer some freedom, which is often not found in traditional 9-5 construction roles. Offering remote and flexible construction career schedules allows you to benefit from their tech-savvy skillset while still providing a reliable and quality service. This can be particularly beneficial if you work on residential projects like remodeling homes or building additions. It allows you to accommodate Gen Z workers with other commitments outside of work, such as school or family responsibilities.

By offering remote and flexible work schedules, you can also make yourself more attractive to potential recruits from the generation Z demographic. This will help ensure that your construction business remains competitive in the increasingly changing landscape of the industry. It also allows you to tap into a wider pool of potential talent, ensuring access to the most experienced and knowledgeable Gen Z workers.

Promote Generous Wage and Benefits Packages

By providing competitive wages and benefits, you can better engage potential job seekers from millennials and Gen Z. Compensation plays a vital role in influencing where Gen Z chooses employment. Consequently, your construction business needs to keep up with the market and know what other employers offer regarding pay and benefits.

Generous wages enhance attracting Gen Z to the construction industry and motivate existing employees to stay with your construction business. When job seekers look into different opportunities, they compare wages as one factor in their decision-making process. If your business can’t match or exceed the prevailing wage for a particular position, applicants may likely look elsewhere for employment. Furthermore, presenting attractive monetary compensation packages can help you recruit from the Gen Z generation, who often prioritize financial stability over career ambitions.

Emphasize Safety Measures First with Modern Safety Equipment and Technology

As a business owner in the construction industry, you want to make sure your team is protected and that any potential risks are minimized. This means investing in modern safety equipment and technology for your worksites. Not only will this ensure the safety of your workers, but it can also help attract Gen Z to the construction industry, which is becoming increasingly important as millennials move into other professions or retire from the workforce altogether.

Modern safety measures such as fall-protection systems, personal protective equipment (PPE), and 360° visibility cameras provide peace of mind when working on a job site. They allow you to ensure employees stay safe onsite and alert you if something goes wrong. Plus, investing in these measures will show potential Gen Z job seekers that you are serious about safety and that their safety is a priority.

Implement Innovative Marketing Strategies

Millennials and Gen Z have varying levels of technological literacy and interest in technology-driven workplaces. As a business owner, implementing innovative marketing strategies is the best way to attract Gen Z. Technology-driven initiatives are a great way of attracting Gen Z to the construction industry, from virtual reality tours of upcoming projects to robotics and automated processes.

Finally, consider innovating your workplace with tech-savvy tools and employee training. Virtual reality tours of job sites can be used for employee orientation, while online courses can provide continuing education on safety standards and best practices in the industry. Investing in modern equipment, smartphone applications, software, and other modern techniques gives potential Gen Z workers confidence that your company is current with current trends.

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