Magnesite Flooring Systems

June 14, 2013

Magnesite Flooring Systems are perfect for exterior floor surfaces and decks. Magnesite Flooring Systems are created from a mixture of Magnesium oxychloride cement, fillers, and aggregates. What’s great about using Magnesite for an exterior flooring system or deck is the fact that the material is lightweight yet still more durable than concrete. In fact, if you measure it pound for pound, you will see that it has a very high strength to weight ratio. Magnesite Flooring Systems have a strong resistance to weathering, abrasion, water, grease, oil, and they are non-combustible.

Desert Brand Magnesite is the way to go if you are in the market for a Magnesite Flooring System. The Desert Crete brand is in compliance with ASTM specifications, so you know it is safe and will be built to last. Though you could potentially install a Magnesite Flooring System on your own, it is best to have a professional who is familiar with the whole process install or repair your floors and decks for you. There are many steps in the process that involve preparation of the subfloor as well as mixing chemicals to a precise measurement. In addition, when it comes to Magnesite Flooring, there is a seal that must be applied within 24-48 hours after installation. Due to the number of precise steps, it is a very real possibility that someone who is not a professional could easily miss something. Don’t let your hard earned money go to waste. If you notice that your Magnesite Flooring System is not up to par, do not hesitate to have a professional take a look. You could save yourself a ton of money by repairing early instead of having to replace your entire deck. If you live in Orange County and have questions about your Magnesite Flooring System or about your deck, call up a professional who knows about deck installation in Orange County.

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