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Property Manager Challenges and Solutions

Steve Thompson
December 2, 2022

Taking on the role of a property manager can pay well, but the work involved can be overwhelming for some people. If you can handle overseeing a multitude of tasks and enjoy complex problem-solving, you may have what it takes to overcome these property manager challenges and solutions. Here are some important steps to take toward a successful career as a property manager.

Prioritize Leads

One of the most important moves in property manager challenges and solutions is prioritizing your leads. If you follow up on leads in the order they come in, you could lose prospective tenants ready to move in. Your sales efforts will use time more efficiently when focusing on prospects actively looking to rent rather than random leads.

Maximize Property Listings

A property listing must be crafted professionally with precision. It's important to ensure the listing reads exactly as you want it to and that it provides prospective renters with the information they're looking for. You can reach a wide base of prospects by publishing your listing on portals that promote rental properties, like rent.com and apartments.com. Promoting property listings on social media to your friend list is also helpful.

Proactive Maintenance

You can avoid big maintenance problems by practicing proactive maintenance that will minimize tenant complaints. Checking the HVAC system periodically helps identify energy inefficiencies early and prevents months of higher energy costs. It's also wise to schedule a roofing inspector yearly to check for leaks. Spotting and sealing leaks early helps prevent expensive damage due to moisture. In general, ignoring maintenance issues creates bigger, more expensive problems down the road.

Time Efficiency

When managing multiple units, you must use your time as efficiently as possible to ensure you cover each tenant's requirements. It helps to use smart apps for organizing and managing tasks. By setting productivity goals, you'll be able to focus on getting more work done in an hour. Updating listings, staying on top of property issues, and showing the property to visitors take plenty of time, which requires paying close attention to details.

Retain Good Tenants

Ideal tenants pay rent on time and don't disrupt neighbors. Property owners want reliable tenants who never miss payments and contribute to a friendly community. To maintain the respect of these tenants, the owner must invest in safety measures such as secure locks, alarms, cameras, and lighting. Resolving tenant requests promptly helps build trust and loyalty. Keeping turnover low is essential to cutting long-term marketing costs.


Planning for property manager challenges and solutions is vital to success as a property manager, particularly when it comes to staying on top of maintenance. For help with below-grade waterproofing issues, contact the deck waterproofing pros at West Coast Waterproofing for a free estimate.