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Commercial Waterproofing - Our Services For Commercial Buildings

Rosie Valdez
May 30, 2018

There’s no doubt about it, waterproofing a home or building is one of the most important things you can do. Not only is this true for homeowners, but it’s also especially true for companies as well. The only way to be sure your property will get the best service is if you use commercial waterproofing companies. For effective service, find a waterproofing contractor near you.

One of the most obvious advantages of getting a surface waterproofed is to protect it from water damage. Waterproofing properly seals the floor, wall or identified area from water and UV rays to damage the surface. As a result, it protects it from water damage including dry rot, mold and more. With water damage often comes weakened structures as water damage negatively affects the integrity of a structure. It can also be costly to repair. While waterproofing a home is important, it is exceptionally important for commercial waterproofing to be done properly as damage can cause harm to a person’s livelihood as well.

When it comes to commercial waterproofing, there are various areas that need to be addressed. For example, one of the most important areas to waterproof is the roof. Puddles can form on the roof as well as damages from faulty pipes which can result in the roof leaking as well as water damage within the floors of a building. With proper commercial waterproofing, these issues can be prevented. Other areas that need to be considered include balconies and windows. Balconies are especially important since the integrity of the balcony can be impaired with water damage and with increased weight, a balcony can very likely collapse and cause serious injury. Finally, basements should also be waterproofed as it will actually improve the durability of the floor. If the basement is used frequently, you can even add non-slip finishes to prevent injury as well.