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Keep Your Pool Deck Spotless With These Cleaning Tips

Rosie Valdez
September 4, 2015

Now with the summer months nearly at an end, your pool and pool deck may no longer be getting the same amount of attention as it previously was. After these high traffic months, it is important to maintain the integrity of your pool deck. This is important as the elements as well as traffic, can cause wear and tear to your deck, which may be costly to repair in the future. Here are some tips for some general maintenance of your pool deck

A good place to start is to clean your deck. A quick and easy way to do this is to make a highly effective cleaner that can easily be made with products in your home. First, simply get a bucket of warm water and add a small amount of mild bleach. After mixing, you can use a mop to clean your deck. Before applying this mixture, be sure that your deck is swept and all debris is cleared. If you want to give your pool deck an extra scrubbing in order to remove all extra mildew, dirt or grime that may be stuck, use a hard-bristled scrub broom over the surface of your deck as well. Afterward, simply rinse off the area until all the cleanser is washed off. 

If there are cracks in your pool deck, you may want to consider resurfacing it. This is a cheaper alternative to completely re-cementing your deck. It is important to also recognize that when you resurface your deck, you can add different styles or colors to it. Get in contact with a professional to see what kind of styles and colors they offer. Finally, it is important to seal the deck. Not only do sealants help against damage from UV-rays, it also helps to reduce possibilities of slipping by increasing traction. These deck coatings can easily be purchased at any home goods store. 

Always remember the proper ways to clean your pool deck.