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Crucial Pool Deck Maintenance Tips

Pembrook Nelson
July 13, 2016

During the summer, your pool deck will likely be seeing a lot of traffic. Afterall, it’s during the summer time when friends and family are going to be hitting the pool to escape the summer heat. Despite the added traffic during the next few months, there are still things that you can do to keep you deck in the best shape possible. Here are some tips on how to clean your pool deck

The best thing you can do for your deck is to seal it. If your deck is concrete, you might think that there is no need to seal your deck. Afterall, it is concrete, and it doesn’t absorb water like wood does. However, this is not actually the case. Water can still be absorbed, especially through small cracks and fissures, which can eventually threaten the integrity of your deck. When you seal your deck, it prevents staining, salt damage, water absorption and enhances the overall strength of your deck. Therefore, make sure to get your deck regularly sealed to ensure your deck stays like new. Before applying the sealant, make sure that that you wash the deck and scrub away any dirt that is stuck on the surface. After it is washed, make sure the whole thing is very dry before applying the sealant. 

If your deck has recently been sealed, all you have to do for maintenance is a good cleaning every now and then. One of the best ways to keep your deck clean is by using a power washer. Power washing, also called pressure washing, is an excellent way to easily get rid of any weather or rust stains that can occur over time. The first thing you want to do is sweep away any debris. Then, simply sweep the nozzle back and forth as you spray the floor clean. If you don’t own a pressure washer, they can often be rented out at your local home improvement store. These are some easy tips to consider to keep your pool deck looking like new. 

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