Concrete Coatings 101

January 23, 2018

Whether you own a garage with a concrete floor, a concrete driveway or an outdoor concrete deck, it’s important to learn about how you can protect your concrete. While concrete is a budget-friendly material, after extended wear and tear, it’s porous nature tends to crack and fracture. One of the best ways to help add some protection to your concrete floor is by applying concrete waterproof coatings. However, not all concrete coatings are the same. Here is a brief breakdown of some of the various types of concrete coats.   Broadly speaking, adding a coat to your concrete is done for protective purposes. Since concrete is not very sturdy, coats are added to the concrete for a variety of benefits, namely protecting it from deterioration. Of course, there are other benefits that you can receive from adding a coat to your concrete floor as well. For example, Depending on the coating, the extra layer can add benefits such as chemical resistance, ease of maintenance, non-skid protectors, physical performance as well as aesthetic benefits. One way to determine which coating should be used to your deck is to determine what you are looking for.   For example, will you be coating a high impact area such as a driveway? Over time, heavy cars will continuously rest upon the surface, which may eventually cause cracks. Therefore, you may want a coating that adds strength to the concrete. If you have a pool deck, you might be looking for a coating that adds slip resistance for safety as well as a waterproof coating that protects it from water damage and UV rays. However, if you are looking to give a makeover to your home and therefore are looking to change the aesthetics of your concrete space, than another type of coating would be used. When you’ve hired a professional contractor, it’s important to let them know what you are hoping for in order to best help them pick out the appropriate concrete coating.  

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