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The Importance of Waterproofing Planter Boxes

Jenn Tolson
February 20, 2016

Many people know the importance of keeping their deck waterproofed. Without waterproofing, decks become damaged by the elements including rain, snow, and even the sun. However, while most homeowners take care of their decks, it is common that home owners forget about the importance of waterproofing planter boxes as well. Be sure to get your planters waterproofed before any serious damage can occur. 

Planters are just as important to waterproof as decks. While planters can increase the overall aesthetic look of your home, they tend to leak and, if left untreated, can eventually cause damage to your home. As the water seeps out of the planter and onto unfinished areas, it provides an excellent environment for mold and dry-rot to form. Not only can dry rot damage the actual planters, it can also spread to any work that is below or adjacent to the planter causing even further damage. It is especially important that planter boxes are waterproofed because they are consistently wet; because of this, there is a large change that rot or mold will eventually form. 

When this happens, not only do you have to replace your damaged planters, you also have to fix all the other damages that have occur. This includes getting rid of mold, repairing frames, landscaping costs as well as replacing the surrounding areas that have probably been damaged as well such as the drywall, stucco, or whatever else the planter is attached to. All of these repairs can end up being especially expensive, as well as causing you major headaches down the road as you wait for these repairs to take place. The only sure fire way that you can avoid all of these hassles, is to get your planter boxes waterproofed. If you get your planter waterproofed by a professional, you will be able to rest easy as you can be sure that it will be properly waterproofed.