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Protecting Your Investment by Water Proofing Your Concrete

Rosie Valdez
January 12, 2015

While having a concrete deck is an affordable and strong choice for many homeowners, it is also extremely vital that you look into waterproofing concrete decks. It may be a surprise to many but concrete is not automatically water-resistant. Once water has intruded through cracks or other surfaces, it can slowly decay the surrounding area, which will lead to wider gaps for example, which can be costly to repair. In this article, you can learn a few easy ways to protect your deck and to efficiently waterproof it.

If you are in the process of doing construction on your home or if you have very recently put down brand new concrete for your deck, now is the perfect time to waterproof your deck. Since the concrete has just been laid, there is little to no chance that there are any cracks. This means that when you waterproof it, you will be guaranteed that your deck will be properly protected. Next, be sure to purchase the correct product for you needs. There are many different types of waterproofing products in the market and many of them are for different types of deck materials. Before choosing your product, be sure to do research on what product will be best for you. In addition, before you install your waterproofing product, be sure that the deck has been properly cleaned. Any dust or debris will negatively affect the way the product finishes on your deck and may cause it to be not fully waterproofed. One suggestion is to power wash your deck before applying the product as this will successfully clear away any dirt or rocks that are on your deck. Finally, once your waterproofing product has been properly applied be sure to keep up with any maintenance that may be needed. This may include recoats in the future or keeping an eye out on any cracks that may form in your deck as this may weaken the waterproofing system of your deck.