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Deck the Halls: Decorating Your Deck

Rosie Valdez
December 6, 2019

With the holidays upon us, you probably have started thinking about decorating. While most only decorate inside the house, don’t forget to come up with Christmas deck decorating ideas as well! If you have deck waterproofing paint, you’ll have the protection you need to protect your deck from the rain or snow that comes during wintertime. Read on for some tips about decorating your deck for the holidays. 

Choose a Theme

While your overall theme might be Christmas or Hanukkah, you’ll still want to narrow this down further. For example, you could go with a peppermint theme where your decorations consist of reds and whites as well as utilizing red and white ribbons to decorate. There are also plenty of ways to add some DIY projects for your decorations. For example, wrapping peppermint style ribbons around garland to hang from the railing of your deck might be a good place to start. Adding a bowl of ornaments on a side table can be another nice touch. 

Keep the Weather in mind

With winter, you can’t ignore the weather. For example, if it rains, will your decorations hold up? If you don’t have a roof over your outdoor deck, make sure to keep this in mind. It may be a matter or simply bringing in some of the decorations, but you don’t want to take down all your decorations when it rains. Make sure a majority of your decorations are weatherproof. 

Use Lights

One of the easiest decorations to add during the holidays are lights! Lights can also help your overall theme. Are you using the peppermint theme? Simply add white and red lights outside! Are you going for a more classic and “winter wonderland” theme? If so, white lights are properly right for you. Colorful lights are also a fun option. Use lights to help enhance your overall theme.