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Choosing the Right Tile Pattern for your Space

Jenn Tolson
January 21, 2017

If you are thinking about redecorating your home and are looking for a new look, getting new tiles is a great place to start but make sure to look into tile deck waterproofing too. When you choose the right tile pattern for your space, it can make a world of difference. In addition, today, homes are no longer using tiles for just the floor. Wall tile features are becoming more and more popular. Here are some things to consider when looking for the perfect tile for your space.

By choosing the right combination of patterns, it can really bring a room together in a wonderful way. If you are working in a smaller space, such as a dining room, foyer or bathroom then bold, high-contrast patterns will compliment the space nicely. If you are wanting to add some classy emphasis to the overall feel of a room, then using smaller, geometric designs found on small-scale tiles such as a catalina or charleston pattern, can be great for this. For larger spaces, such as a living room or throughout a house, using patterns such as herringbone, checkerboard or mosaic fits well in these open areas. In general, a growing trend has been to also forget about the standard 12 x 12 tile. Today, it is more popular to use 12 x 24 rectangles instead. These rectangles can be placed in a grid, or you can mix it up by placing them in a brick joint pattern that looks great as well. When using tile as a wall feature, it helps to make the area of the room stand out in decorative way. A good way to do this is by choosing tile that will complement your current floor floor selection. If you want to use tile for both, try different finishes like polished on the floor and matte on the walls.

More standard tile patterns include topsail, saint simon, coronado, whidbey, charleston, kiawah, pinwheel, galveston, chevron, wilmington, brick, harlequin, and savannah. More detailed patterns include brunswick, mackinac, jarvis, kodiak, cumberland, opus romano, palatial versailles, and versaille.