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What Are The Causes of Deck Wear & Tear

Daliah Okoro
July 24, 2015

During the summer months it is not a surprise that your outdoor deck will experience a lot of traffic. The elements such as the sun, water, and snow will also begin to have an effect on your deck. Even with all the proper water resistant stains and other protective lacquers, over time, natural wear and tear on your deck will occur

A common problem for decks is that owners will waterproof the deck just once and then neglect to ever to do it again, leaving the wood once again vulnerable to natural elements. A deck needs to be re-sealed once every few years in order to be properly maintained. In order to see if your deck needs to be re-waterproofed, simply sprinkle a few drops of water onto your deck and see what happens. If the water does not bead up, and instead is absorbed into the wood, it is time to once again waterproof your deck. 

Rot is one of the biggest problems that your deck will face if not properly protected. Not only does rot make your deck look unkempt, it also can become dangerous as it undermines the integrity of your deck. If the rot spreads enough, it will make the wood fragile causing it to break. In order to avoid this and keep your deck secure, you first want inspect your deck. Keep a look out for wood that feels spongy or discolored: this is when your deck needs repair. If you are lucky, the rot  rot will be contained to one area so simply replace the damaged panels. Afterward, be sure to reseal your deck. 

You may also want to keep an eye out for splintered wood or holes in the board. Splinters are a natural result from the elements, especially if you are not using protective finishes on your deck. Holes in the deck are probably from insects that are living within the wood or below the deck. Determining the insect will help in figuring out whether the insect eats wood that is already decaying. While replacing damaged wood and sealing it to make it waterproof can be done on your own, you can always hire a professional contractor to make sure you know your deck will be in the best shape possible.