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How to Make the Most of a Small Deck

Christine Lee
August 11, 2017

Owning an outdoor deck is a place of pride for many homeowners. If you have a small deck, you might think that is not a lot that you can do with the space. However, if you plan smart, you’ll be able to maximize the area that you have. Whatever size your deck is, you’ll still be able to enjoy. Find a California deck company that can offer more tips for whatever sized deck you may own.

One of the tricks to a smaller sized deck is to find the perfect furniture for your space. You’ll want to look for bistro sets, small double sets, or individual chairs. Some chairs offer fold out ottomans that are great for saving space! Bistro sets, which often include high tops with higher raised chairs give the illusion of more space as opposed to chairs that sit more closely the the ground. Depending on the space, push a square or rectangular table right up against the wall for more space or get a smaller, circular table to fit snugly between comfy chairs. If you have a small deck, it doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy a classic barbecue during the summer. Consider getting a small, charcoal grill that will fit perfectly in any space! If you’re looking to stay warm, try to find a slender fire pit table or a portable propane fire pit that you can easily move aside when you need the space.

Another great way to compliment a small space is to add outdoor plants. If you have a narrow space, simply add simple growing plants that don’t need a lot of space to make a statement. Consider plants like peonies, boxwood, and ‘knock out’ roses. Another option is to soften the deck, by simply dotting the edges of your deck with plants such as white osteospermum and orange nasturtiums as these colorful plants don’t require much room to thrive.