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Add Pattern to Your Outdoor Deck

Jenn Tolson
May 12, 2017

For many homeowners, the outdoor deck is a place to relax or have friends and family gather. It is a place of pride. While decorations and furnishings can add to the overall look of the deck, one thing that homeowners often overlook is the patterns that are used for the outdoor deck. Simply by adding pattern to your outdoor deck, the look of your entire backyard can be enhanced. 

 Whether your deck is wood or cement, adding patterns to the surface of your deck will help. When it comes to wood panels, simply by changing the direction of the boards can create different patterns that really help to add finishing touches to the overall look and feel of the deck. If you have a cement deck, stamping out patterns to the surface of your deck can go a long way. Thanks to tinting agents, the surface of your cement deck can look like a variety of materials such as stone, brick, travertine and more. Once you’ve chosen the look of your deck, you can then choose a pattern that you want to use for your deck. 

One popular design is the chevron pattern. In this pattern, boards extend out at angles from the center of the deck. The herringbone is an intricate design that makes for a dramatic cool. It is sure to capture the attention of all your guests. If you have a square deck, a double diagonal pattern is a great way to highlight the shape of your deck. The basket-weave pattern is another popular and intricate pattern that many homeowners say adds a touch of elegance to the deck. If you have a smaller deck, choosing the right pattern can also make a the space look larger. For example, by mixing square and rectangular pieces, it expands the visual space and makes it seem like the dark is larger than it actually is. These are just some ways that patterns can be used to enhance your outdoor deck.