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Deck Pattern Ideas & How They Transform Your Deck

Jenn Tolson
March 23, 2016

Who says all decks need to be the same? In fact, while all decks are great additions to a home, all decks are not equal. One way to really set your deck apart from the flock is to add new design patterns to the flooring. You might not think it, but by simply changing a few designs, you can give your deck a whole new look. Here are some deck pattern ideas that can give your deck a whole makeover. 

One great option is the Basket-Weave. This design is known for its strongly defined square shape, which is reminiscent of a basket weave. Imagine planks in alternating horizontal and vertical positions and you might get a mental image of what this design looks like. It is a common practice to add darker-grained wood in the squares to some of the lighter shades as the two accentuate this square pattern nicely. 

Another look that you can choose for your deck is the Herringbone design. This is a moderately easy design to do yourself or one that any experienced contractor can easily handle. It is similar to a chevron pattern is created by placing short boards at a 45 degree angle and stacking them up vertically. The finished look helps make smaller decks look longer as well as adding a fun design to your deck. 

Another interesting option to consider is the brick ribbon pattern. While this pattern is traditionally made using bricks, the pattern can also be copied using smaller sized wood panels. If you are a fan of the brick ribbon pattern, some homeowners have even used bricks around the wooden deck for a unique look. There are many options that you can consider if you are looking for a new look. Switching things up from your standard horizontal or vertically placed wooden panels on a deck is not as hard as you think. Choosing one of these three deck pattern designs is one way you can get a new look for you deck. 

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