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Materials for Pool Deck Resurfacing

Daliah Okoro
August 23, 2012

A perfect summer afternoon in Los Angeles can be spent by the pool with a glass of iced tea. Poolside decks make such an experience possible. If your poolside is starting to look old and tarnished, consider resurfacing your pool deck before summer ends. Below are resurfacing options available to you, and some things to consider before you make a decision.

Carpet or Imitation Grass 

Carpet and imitation grass are inexpensive possibilities for pool deck resurfacing. You can buy carpet in squares or rolls and glue it to the existing pool surface. Remember to use water-resistant glue and outdoor carpet rather than indoor carpet. Carpet doesn’t hold up well in harsh weather conditions when compared to harder materials like wood, tile, or concrete. But for pool deck resurfacing in Los Angeles’ climate, carpet should hold up fine. We recommend that you install carpet under a patio cover to extend its cover life. 


Another cheap, easy option is tile. Many designs are available that replicate the texture and look wood, marble, stone or brick. Specific types of tile are self-adhesive and can add an extra decorative touch to concrete, grout, wooden decks or smooth ground. Tile is a great option that allows you to expand the size of your deck without too much difficulty. 


Wooden decks can be resurfaced by sanding, staining, or all out replacing boards with clear or tinted water sealer. Redwood, hardwood planks or treated wood can replace existing boards. Wooden deck surfaces are easier to modify. The price can vary depending on the type of wood used in resurfacing.

Stone, Slate or Brick 

These materials are the most expensive as they are natural or authentic products. Rock patterns vary greatly so each deck has a specific design. On the other hand, these decks are the most durable and slip resistant. Those wishing to resurface with stone, slate or brick must take extra time to prepare the ground and restore the deck. 


Concrete is one of the most popular options out there for pool deck resurfacing because of its flexibility. The material is durable and can withstand extreme weather as well as high foot traffic. Concrete can be stamped to look like stone, rock, wood, brick, marble and much more. You can also add tint and texture by adding sand, pebbles or polished rock to add slip resistance. You also have the option to vary the design of different parts of the deck.