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Outdoor Pool Deck Resurfacing

Jenn Tolson
March 3, 2017

As the owner of an outdoor pool deck, you probably know that there is some maintenance that is needed to keep your deck in good condition. If you have been looking for a way to improve the overall look of your backyard and deck without going over budget, adding a concrete overlay to your deck may be just the thing that you have been looking for.

Concrete overlays are great for a number of reasons. If your deck does not have any major concerns such as large cracks, a concrete overlay can be like giving your deck a total makeover without having to completely tear apart the old deck surface and add a new layer from scratch. When you add an overlay to your deck, it is the perfect opportunity to spruce things up by straying away from classic gray concrete. During the resurfacing process, colors and textures can be added to the mix, which will leave your floor looking like new. Slip-resistant material can be added, which is a great addition, especially by pools. Your deck can even be finished by adding stamps to the surface to make the deck look like popular items such as imprinted stone, brick and more.

If you’re planning on resurfacing your pool deck, the first step is to have the surface cleaned. Usually, this can be done with a power washer or with a soft scrubbing brush and soap and water. Next, you will want to mask off the surrounding area so that not all items outside will receive the new concrete surface. At this point, a professional will be able to come in to resurface your pool deck. If it has been decided, the crew will also add color stains to the new surface. If you are looking for a way to make your deck look like new, adding a concrete overlay may be just thing you’ve been looking for.