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Does Your Deck Need Repairs Or An Overhaul?

Jenn Tolson
September 17, 2017

One of the best ways that homeowners can spruce up their home is by revamping the backyard, specifically the deck. When a deck is remodeled, it offers a number of new and exciting ways to spruce up the outdoor living space. This can include putting new plants in the backyard or adding new furniture. You might be thinking that completely redoing and overhauling the deck can be a hard and timely process. However, there’s good new as it doesn’t always have to be this way. Simply re-surfacing your deck and adding deck details can go along way to changing the overall look and feel of your backyard.

When you resurface your deck with a waterproof coat, it can actually be a much more cost effective and long term solution than completely replacing an existing deck. Some homeowners might think that waterproofing a deck is simply to keep the deck from getting water damage. While this is an important aspect, waterproofing also provides the opportunity to resurface a deck which also means an opportunity to redecorate.

When resurfacing a deck, it means you can keep the structure of the deck but you will be able to add a brand new surface. Thinking of adding a new color or type of wood? When a deck is resurfaced, this is the perfect time for these types of changes to be made. During resurfacing, only the walking surfaces and sometimes the deck railings will be replaced since the rest of the foundation is solid. This will save you time and money and you’ll be able to enjoy your brand new looking deck much faster than if you were to completely start from scratch. If you are thinking that your existing deck is looking a little worn, make sure to determine if the foundation is in good shape. If this is the case, save money and simply look into resurfacing your deck.