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Do You Have Pets? Concrete Floors Are the Way to Go!

Christine Lee
October 30, 2015

Are you the owner of a pet? Do you have a dog or cat that you absolutely love? Maybe you even have multiple pets? If so, one of the realities is that your floor can be affected by your pets. Carpet tends to trap dander and fur while hardwood floors and tile can get easily scratched up by your pet’s nails. An easy and budget friendly fix is to have concrete floors. Here are some reasons indoor concrete floors are a great pet-friendly flooring option. 

First of all, concrete is resistant to pet stains and odors. Concrete is sealed, therefore making it impossible for pet urine for example to stain or leave behind any odors. This is especially handy if you have a puppy or an animal who is still not potty-trained. Second, concrete floors are especially easy to clean. Often, pets can leave behind messes from the fur that they shed to the mud they track behind from muddy paws. Whatever the mess, cleaning up is a breeze with concrete. Simply swipe away with a towel, broom, or cloth and the mess is gone. Concrete floors are also scratch resistant. Concrete is made from a durable and scratch resistant solution. Once it is sealed, your floor will be impenetrable to scratches from your pet. 

Another great reason to have concrete floors is that they don't trap dander, mites, or fleas. Having carpeting for example easily traps dander and harbors the fleas or mites that your pet carries home with them. Sometimes, dander aggravates allergies in some people so having concrete floors where any dander can be easily swept away makes it a  great solution for someone with allergies. With concrete, there is also nowhere that fleas or mites can hide. These are just a few reasons why concrete flooring is pet friendly.