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How to Protect Your Deck and Your Pets

Daliah Okoro
September 2, 2017

Deck owners know that they have to protect their deck from the elements. Wooden decks can be damaged from UV rays as well as from water damage that comes from snow, rains and other forms of moisture. Debris such as wet leaves can also cause mold or mildew, which can even lead to dry rot. While protecting your deck from the elements is something that deck owners are aware of, you might not be as aware of another small issue that might damage your deck - pets. Your pets such as dogs or cats can also cause damage to your deck. Here are ways to protect your deck from your furry friends. You can also consider hiring a California deck company to provide extra help. 

One of the first things that you’ll want to think about is protecting your deck in the event that your pet has an accident out on the wooden deck. Even if your dog is trained, there might come a time where they have an accident and now your deck might be damaged. If your deck is waterproofed or has a sealant on it, then your deck will be protected from any damage that your pet might leave behind. Another thing to consider is the scratches from your animals nails. The simple act of your pet walking around outside can cause scratches and damage to your deck. Once again, a sealant on your deck will add extra strength and protection against any scratches that your pet might inadvertently leave behind.

While there are ways to protect your deck from your pet, there are also ways for you to protect your animal from your deck. For example, every now and then loose nails will pop out of their sockets. The result is that your animals can step on them, hurt themselves chewing on them or even swallow them! To protect your animal from any harm, be sure to give a once over to your deck every now and then to be sure that there are no loose nails or screws. If there are, be sure to simply tighten them or replace them if needed.